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Spanish & Dancing /
Spanish & Dancing

"Dancing is ...
  ... like dreaming with your feet."

Latin-American music and Afro-Caribbean dances like Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa have attracted many enthusiastic followers during the last few years in Europe and North America. The music and its dances express the positive attitude of the people towards life, towards their culture, their vitality, and their joy in life.

Dominicans love to dance. Music is always around them, if it is at home, on the bus, in the little colmado (food store) near-by, or on the street.


Of all the rhythms that enriched the cultural heritage of the Dominicans, the Merengue is the most collective expression of the people’s soul. As a popular musical form, it is very dynamic and varies from one generation to the next.

"Spanish & Dancing" is for all those who want to discover the Dominican attitude towards life not only through the foreign language but also through the people’s 


dances and music. In the mornings, the students tackle Spanish vocabularies, and in the afternoons, native dance instructors teach them the steps and passionate body language of the “Latin movement“.

The program is available in  Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, a vibrant and lively metropolis, or in Sosua, a small, rural tourist town with great beaches and water sports possibilities. Many bars and typical dance halls play Latin-American rhythms far into the night. A great place to meet people and practice your newly acquired skills in Spanish and dancing.

At both places Spanish classes take place at IIC school, while dance lessons are held at a dance academy close to the school.

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