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Spanish & Scuba Diving / Program

Make up your personal "Spanish & Scuba Diving”-program. You can choose be-tween the following dive packages:

Package A: Open Water Diver (OWD)
This course conveys all theoretical knowledge and practical skills for safe, fun scuba diving for beginners. It is based upon the course concept of PADI, the largest international organization for scuba diving. PADI-Brevets are accepted worldwide.

Theory and practical skills are trained in parallel. The philosophy is: What you see and hear first in the classroom is what you will practice later in the water. This includes the secure handling and the correct main-tenance of the equipment.

During the practical lessons the students practice all exercises intensively in the pool before they continue their trainings in open water. Depending on individual student’s progress, this course usually takes 1 week (half-days).

Package B-1 and B-2:
These two packages are for certified divers only. They consist of either 3 or 5 regular




fun dives. Special dives like night, deep, wreck, navigation, nitrox, cave dives or a one-day dive trip are possible at an extra cost and on demand. Diving is possible Monday through Saturday.

Health first: If you have any concerns about your diving fitness, we recommend contac-ting a doctor before you book the course.

"Spanish & Scuba Diving" is only available in Sosua/Cabarete and only in combination with a Spanish course standard (group course or private lessons one-on-one).

At request, the program can be combined with any of our accommodation catego-ries  in Sosua.

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