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Spanish & Scuba Diving /

Spanish & Scuba Diving

A great feeling to discover a new world

Spanish classes under palm trees in the mornings - in the afternoons, diving into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean: "Spanish & Scuba Diving" is for all those who want to learn (more) Spanish and at the same time, explore the dazzling underwater world of the Dominican Republic.

The dive area

Two reefs shape the bay of Sosua creating ideal diving conditions. Beginners can enjoy the colorful Caribbean and discover the feeling of zero gravity at 6 to 12 meters (20 to 40 feet) of depth. At depths of up to 40 meters (120 feet), experienced divers will find many possibilities for exploring breath-taking deep walls, coral gardens, a sunken ship wreck, or a near-by fresh water cave.

Sosua hosts more than 19 different dive sites, all only 5 to 20 minutes by boat away from the beach. Visibility ranging from 18 to 35 meters (60 to 100 feet) and underwater temperatures of  79˚ to 85˚F (26˚ to 29˚ C) can be expected all year long.


The dive center
The dive school under German leadership is located directly at the beach, only 5 minutes walking distance from the school. With more than 10 years of experience with diving in the Dominican Republic it is one of the most renowned dive centers in the country.

All guides are certified Dive Masters or Dive Instructors and have been diving these dive sites for years. Classes and briefings are multilingual.

Individual care for every diver and the diver’s safety is the top priority. That is why group sizes are only up to a maximum of 4 participants per guide in the practical trainings and on the dives.

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