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Our students

Where our students come from
Our student body is quite varied in age, background, and nationality. We have had students from England, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Thailand and many other countries. Students from the German speaking countries are the majority, followed by students from the USA, Canada and Great Britain.

The average age of our students is between 22 and 38 years; yet students of all ages, ranging from 16 to 73, have learned Spanish with us. Their backgrounds vary from college students to tourists and businessmen to government officials, employees and the self-employed. Their common interest is to improve their language skills and to enjoy the Caribbean way of life.

What our students say

Inka (21) from Germany
“Nice, familial atmosphere at IIC. I really felt welcome here.”

Charlene (25) from Austria
“I have learned lots in very short time.”

Charlie (55) from the USA
“I vote the program, people, and leisure activities at the highest level.“

Carol (27) from the USA
“Everyone at this school has been very helpful and friendly. I had a fantastic time here - thanks. I would attend this language school again.“

Zuzana (28) from Slovakia
“Very enjoyable lessons, great team, hard-working teacher. I will recommend the IIC to friends.“

Danny (29) from Ireland
“The structure of the course was really great. I was able to easily build upon prior knowledge.”

Kerstin (24) from Switzerland
“The mixture of grammar and conversation was excellent.”

William (38) from the USA
“Coming to IIC was similar to going to see your family for a holiday. It only took an hour or so for me to have been embraced into this very loving family. It made learning Spanish fun.”

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