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About us / Concept

Communicative and practical
Our key concern is to get you to speak. We use personalized, specifically designed teaching materials supported by modern audio-visual media to help you improving your speaking ability.

The grammatical basis of the concept we teach is the Standard Spanish; the linguistic differences to the Spanish spoken in Latin-America are pointed out during the course.

Likewise, we want to encourage you to speak from the very beginning. That is why some course units are taught outside the institute. On our “salidas pedagogicas” we take you to stores, schools or museums, to markets, the beach or to a restaurant where you can practice your newly acquired knowledge from class among the locals and can get a feel for the real country and culture.

Tailor-made courses
We focus greatly on providing students with the opportunity to practice speaking also in class. For this reason our group courses are limited to 7 students maximum per group.

In private lessons we meet your linguistic, personal, and professional conditions and interests and create together with you the program that serves you best.

Idealists with academic background
Our teachers are native speakers who in addition to being qualified, are widely experienced in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

They are not only expected to demonstrate high standard teaching skills, but should also be capable of empathizing with the students in order to motivate them.

At many times they are also after class competent advisers on everyday questions.

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