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The Instituto Intercultural del Caribe (IIC) is the Spanish section of the German-Dominican Language and Culture Institute EDASE, founded in 1994. We are one of the largest institutions offering Spanish classes to foreigners in the Dominican Republic.

Our language students can choose between two locations: One school is in the country's capital Santo Domingo, a Caribbean-style metropolis with more than 2.5 million inhabitants. The other school is on the north coast of the country in the small sea town of Sosua, famous for its incredible beaches and variety of water sports activities.

Students can also divide their courses between both locations. Thus, we offer them the opportunity to learn Spanish in two completely different locations and by doing so, to discover the country in its splendid diversity.

We are a privately owned and independent enterprise under German management. The staff is composed of Dominicans, Europeans, and Americans. From the beginning, there has existed a close collaboration with prestigious local institutions in the fields of culture, education, and tourism.

Further services
In addition to Spanish classes for students studying abroad and tourists, we also offer German and English classes to Dominicans. The Casa Goethe, the German Department of the Institute, organizes general German and English courses, special German courses for the hotel sector and tourism, and Business English in companies.

Furthermore, we carry out translations and interpreting services with official recognition.

Accredited programs
Through our partners we are accredited for academic credits at several US universities.

In Germany, our two-week Spanish inten-sive group courses are recognized as Bildungsurlaub (Accredited Language Study Abroad for Professionals).

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